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Hi, I'm Thanos Paraschos. Career opportunities I am seeking: Business Development, Entrepreneurship, International Trade

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I study Engineering at the Technical University of Crete and I am interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. During my studies, I have done lots of jobs and recently -about three years now- I have been engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship, running my own business, which provides Business Development, Branding and other innovative products with basic goal to improve our life by solving daily life problems.I am a persuasive, creative and enthusiastic person, with a very strong background in business administration and entrepreneurship. I have lived, worked and studied in 5 different countries something that helped me develop excellent communication skills and gain experience working with international teams. I enjoy pushing myself to the limits and overcome every challenge in both life and business environment.Career opportunities I am seeking:Business Development, Entrepreneurship, International TradeADD: Thanos Paraschos

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Public Relations,Networking, Startups, Entrepreneurship

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